General partner

Dariusz Borysławski

Company visionary - the person coordinating the entire Hoben management. Charismatic personality, supervising several companies in the region of Lodz.  This is our Captain on board.

Proxy - Limited partner

Radosław Powierża

A graduate of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Lodz University of Technology. Analytical mind, where the main criterion for moving in business is the economics of solutions and cost optimisation. A person supervising the results of several enterprises together with the President - General Partner.

Managing director

Tomasz Łukaszewicz

A graduate of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Lodz University of Technology, with the experience of the largest investments in recent years in the province of Lodz. The greatest and most difficult projects are his speciality.  He has held building qualifications since 2007.

Technical Director

Krzysztof Węgrzynowski

A graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Lodz University of Technology, with many years of experience in the reconstruction of active technological lines. Mechanics and construction are his passion.

Construction Sites Coordinator

Monika Białecka

The right hand of the Boss - Head of the purchasing department. The person coordinating most of the logistics and contractual matters. In a word - our mine of knowledge.

Production Manager

Rafał Ulaszewski

Production planner, a person involved in every detail in the quality of steel structures, delivery and shipment schedules, supervision over the correct implementation of all production processes.

HR Manager

Natalia Woźniak

A person who knows the added value that our employees, all Hoben staff and all future team members bring. Submit your application form to Natalia!